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Our Framework

YTB Community CALM is the framework for our projects.


Young people are addressing concerns like social isolation, litter, digital divide, substance use & other things they care about.


activities are service-oriented involving others, the environment, and animal care


activities involve the use of technology for good


activities develop community literacy and advocacy


activities are hands-on and inspire community engagement

YTB Sock Fundraiser

Use YTB23 Charity Code for YTB's Fundraiser. You will receive a free pair of mystery socks!

Use YTB23 Charity Code for YTB's Fundraiser. You will receive a free pair of mystery socks!

Fall Decorations Fundraiser

Shop Lynch Creek Farm to help YTB raise funds for YTB Crochet and YTB Youth T-shirts.

Shop Lynch Creek Farm to help YTB raise funds for YTB Crochet and YTB Youth T-shirts.

YTB Global

Giving and Receiving for a Better World

YTB Values & Framework

Resonate with Sustainable Development Goals

YTB Care-Apps-Learn-Make for Community directly relate to these four SDGs. Since YTB involves giving and receiving we are mindful of self-care along with care for others and the environment. Gender and Racial Equality is part of YTB's DNA.

Three Black girls in Uganda reading letters from learners in a US school.

YTB Global

Youth Timebanking (YTB) puts youth-adult partnerships at the center of community development.


Youth build social connections, earn time credits, and receive resources for their community contributions.

Youth TimeBanking is one of the best nonprofit programs I have ever took part in. YTB uses time as a currency in aid of motivating youths to give back to their community. The organization places impact on how youth strength can greatly improve community development. My time in YTB benefited my personal and professional values as it has enlightened my perspective on what it means to truly give back. Being a part of YTB, I have gained new friends, learn about other cultures and develop new skills.

YTBNJ is a remarkable force empowering youth worldwide. By fostering responsibility, purpose, and community involvement, this non-profit is making waves across borders.YTBNJ uniquely equips young minds to drive positive change within their communities. Through diverse programs spanning countries, it cultivates collaboration and empowers the next generation.With a holistic approach , it goes beyond education, emphasizing emotional well-being and a sense of belonging. Its impact is tangible, from local projects to international exchanges, uniting youth under a common goal.In a world of uncertainty, YTBNJ stands as a guiding light. By nurturing responsible citizens, meaningful lives, and a deep sense of belonging, it paves the way for lasting positive change.

YTB has greatly helped the youths in my country Uganda to develop positive minds towards the communal activities which has promoted developing together. YTB programs have helped children and youths to discover a lot of skills and talents which were hidden in them and right now they put them into practice. YTB activities have built a positive participating attitude In useful activities In the children and youths of Bright parents school. This is witnessed by seeing them working at their own pace. YTB programs have helped youths and children In Bright parents school to discover and improve the leadership skills In them. YTB programs have helped the youths and children of Bright parents school to learn the proper use and value of their time.

Notice the sentiment in the YTB Reviews

YTB is being the change defined by its mission & vision.

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9 hr. ago

Wonderful work being done by YTB to support youth and communities. YTB the change! 🌎 ❤ 💙