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YTB's Theory of Change

If YTB, a youth-adult partnership...

provides service opportunities where people earn time credits for their contributions


Then more people will...

have experiences with service to others, gain a sense of competence and develop strengths and make connections


So that more people become community partners who...

co-produce sustainable, positive changes in themselves and their communities and experience peer-to-peer, cross-age, youth-adult, and intergenerational solidarity.



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Our Team

Our team is a diverse group of individuals  led by Jerome Scriptunas, CEO and Founder of Youth TimeBanking Global.  


Meet the personalities and impressions our Board Officers bring to Youth TimeBanking.

Our Story

Inspired by the teachings  and philosphy of the trailblazing Edgar S. Cahn and an unforgettable meeting, Jerome answered the call to action when the meeting ended in Dr. Cahn’s challenge 

“Do Something.”  

Our Impact

Youth TimeBanking values all skills regardless of qualification and education.  


YTB Global strives to balance the playing field for all involved.   From schools to community groups to whole communities, YTB Global enables participants to learn and share skills that bring about

positive reciprocal change.   

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Our Mission

Youth TimeBanking provides youth with service opportunities to “pay it forward”, earn rewards and build community connections.


YTB presents opportunities for giving & receiving using time credits as currency, which helps youth become connected and involved.

Our Vision

Youth are engaged with community and their needs are addressed. YTB is youth-adult partnership.

Youth develop strengths, increase social capital, co-develop/co-deliver projects and serve as cross-age YTB coaches.

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