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Colors and text styles are in the local site styles menu!

  • Paragraph 1 is for web, Paragraph 2 is for mobile

  • Headings are all for web - to convert to mobile/tablet use the smaller px sizing (on the left) below.

  • Heading 5 was made for buttons, not site use

Heading 2 - 32px web/24px mobile

Heading 3 - 24px web/20px mobile

Heading 4 - 20px web/18px mobile

Heading 1 - 48px web/36px mobile


for internal use only


16 px between Header and Text

32 px between Text and Button

Copy and paste the stack below when creating a heading/paragraph/button section of a page so that it has uniform spacing with the rest of the pages! 


Reusable buttons! The smaller ones are for web and the wider ones are for mobile.

Curves for transitions 

10% spacing on both the left and the right sides! Click on this section to see the margins highlighted in blue.

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