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YTB Theory of Change



If YTB, a youth-adult partnership...

  • provides youth with service opportunities through its network of community organizations and operates a program of giving and receiving where youth earn YTB time credits for their service contributions.

  • and monitors youth participation with ongoing activity reporting and periodic screening for needs and strengths.


Then youth will …

  • have experiences with service to others, Digital Inclusion, Community Literacy & Civic Engagement, and a sense of competence from making things for others with new technology and ancient-timeless skills.

  • and will furthermore develop strengths, make community connections, and experience how the reciprocity of giving and receiving creates better conditions for sustainable, positive change.


So that, ultimately, youth become community partners who…

  • Co-produce sustainable, positive changes in themselves, their communities, system paradigms, and adult mindsets.

  • Important among this potential and kinetic energy is a reduction in the prison pipeline and an increase in recovery, staying power, and peer-to-peer, near-peer, youth-adult, and intergenerational solidarity.

  • Participants provide a proof-of-concept that Youth ARE: Assets-Resources-Energy and that YTB scales and works anywhere for any youth with the results limited only by the support and willingness of adults to join in solidarity with youth for the benefit of all of us.

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