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Yaoundé, Cameroon

YTB 4 Cameroon Youth Rising in Service

YTB Global is working close with YTB Cameroon by providing technical resources, ideas, and strategies to support and facilitate collaboration amongst young members. These members engage in activities that allow them to share their stories, strengths, and gifts.Thus empowering them and making them feel valued in their communities.

Cameroon Calling

YTB Cameroon Orientation

Bring interested youth on board with YTB Cameroon and watch them Y-T-Be-The-Change in reciprocal experiences that improve their community and themselves.


YTB Cameroon will introduce local youth to Youth TimeBanking with orientations and demonstration projects.

Engage 10+ youth during fall 2023 to prepare to lead projects starting in 2024.


Astride Fouda

Cameroon Facilitator in Yaoundé


Elise Edjang

Cameroon Facilitator in Maryland


The Team

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