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Frequently Asked Questions

How many YTB activities have people done?


When was YTB incorporated?


What is YTB's EIN?


What age ranges are in YTB?

10 to 80+

How many YTB programs are there?

5 or 6

About how many people participate in YTB Global?


How many Board Members does YTB have?


What are YTB's 5 Core Values?

Assets, Redefined Work, Reciprocity, Social Networks, Respect.

What does Community CALM stand for?

Care, Apps, Learn, Make for Community

What does YTB and Youth ARE stand for?

Youth TimeBanking & Youth are Assets-Resources-Energy

Who decides what YTB projects and activities to do?

The youth-adult partners decide.

What is the most popular YTB activity?

Crochet and Interlocking Stabilized Soil Blocks

What are the most incredible YTB projects?

ISSB classroom, international crochet & climate action challenges!

Where are the YTB people located?

US: Tampa and St Petersburg, Florida; Freehold, New Jersey & Southbury, Connecticut. Africa: Yaoundé Cameroon, Mukono Uganda, Kisumu Kenya.

What are some things that people have earned in YTB? --

School supplies, T shirts, gum boots, crochet hooks & yarns, MakaPads, offline coding games, snacks, project supplies, safety equipment, personal care items, transportation, training. And new international friendships!

What are some ways people can help YTB?

Donate at, follow YTB social media, join YTB page on LinkedIn, join a public YTB event, offer in-kind donations for crochet, e-mail and ask for other suggestions.

What is the purpose of YTB?

To provide opportunities for youth to work in partnership with adults to improve themselves and their community and-or school. When that is happening the whole world becomes a little bit better.

What is it about YTB that makes it YTB?

YTB is timebanking-driven co-production. Everyone in YTB is an asset to their community. Everyone has opportunities for giving and receiving help. Youths-adults-professionals collaborate, which is co-production. YTB is a form of timebanking and mutual aid. Time and in-kind donations and opportunities are the currency.

What Sustainable Development Goals does YTB most closely align with?

#2 Zero Hunger, #3 Good Health and Well-Being, #4 Quality Education, #5 Gender Equality, and #13 Climate Action. YTB believes in all 17 SDGs and some of our projects cross over into different SDG areas.

What is required for a YTB program to work well?

YTB needs one or more adult coordinators, several youth members, places to meet, and meaningful projects. Some sponsorship is needed for supplies. Digital inclusion for some of the leaders is useful.

What do you want to accomplish with YTB?

We strive to help people increase their social and community connections and build strengths by learning and participating in YTB projects and activities. Collaboration develops community and improves quality of life.

Can people participate in YTB for free?


Can people make donations to YTB?


Do all kinds of people join YTB?


Can any youths-adults anywhere start a YTB program?


Is YTB a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit?


Do people participate in YTB virtually and in-person?


Is YTB committed to non-discrimination & gender equality?


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