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YTB Impact on a rural community.

YTB Global aims to make a difference by making an impact on rural communities. Introducing YTB into rural communities led to greater youth engagement and greater youth-community development. This is an "after" picture. Learn what happened below and see the journey from before to now.

10 months youth-adult partnering > 1 classroom

YTB Uganda's youth-adult partnership creates new classrooms, impacting young learners. Collaboration spans youth-adult-professional co-producers, benefiting economically disadvantaged families. Engaging the community and fostering collaboration, ISSB technology is harnessed to reconstruct a rural school in Mukono, Uganda. Previous classrooms were wrecked by spring 2022's rainstorms.

2/200/2 Crochet

Amidst Uganda's 2022 Ebola crisis and subsiding COVID-19, two mothers, 200 learners, and 2 schools were impacted. Eager to keep youth engaged, two crochet-proficient mothers collaborated with YTB Global. A train-the-trainer program ensued, sparking community involvement and cross-generational collaboration in crochet skills development.

YTB Community Cleanup - youth ARE!

Observe the empowered youth wearing YTB shirts and gloves, one sporting a self-crocheted hat. They're community assets, earning rewards for their impactful contributions – shirts, gloves, crochet and school supplies. Their enthusiasm to create change is matched by the essential acknowledgment. YTB empowers them to "Y-T-B-The-Change."

1. Training

Description of train-the-trainer.

2. Sifting soil

Purpose of sifting soil.

3. Loading machine

Youth loading soil into ISSB machine.

4. Making blocks

Trainer making an ISSB (soil block).

YTB ISSB Classroom
May 2022 brought destruction to a rural Ugandan school due to a storm. Lessons were held outdoors, rain or shine. Opting for cost-effective sustainability, we embraced Interlocking Stabilized Soil Block (ISSB) Technology. ISSBs facilitate swift, affordable construction. Youth, engaged through a train-the-trainer initiative under YTB, learned to produce and lay these blocks. A unified community transformed into co-producers, assets, and builders, resurrecting the school.

ISSB Process - Interlocking Stabilized Soil Block making

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