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Kisumu, Kenya

Kisumu builds community via co-production projects

Kisumu, in westerern Kenya, leads signature projects with Boma Bora ISSB structures, vertical gardens for food security, and learning community inclusion currency for mutual aid and solidarity.


Community Currency

Community Inclusion Currency provides a currency for people to use in their local areas for daily needs while they save any national currency for long-term needs.

Engaging villages to support each other, one by one.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens offer the promise of food security

Produce supplemental food to offer people who give time to the YTB Boma Bora Project, which support local members in helping each other.

ISSB Project

YTB Boma Bora's reason for being is offer a path towards affordable housing in villages where home ownership may be otherwise unattainable.

Make soil blocks for a demonstration structure for the community. As groups participate we will make something useful for each member, one at a time.

Moses Owino

Head of YTB Boma Bora


The Team

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