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Mukono, Uganda

Giving and Receiving develops community.

YTB Uganda has a strong presence in Mukono, Uganda. They role model the power and excellence of youth-adult partnership where everyone is involved and everyone contributes and everyone is an asset to their community --> Youth ARE: Assets + Resources + Energy. YTB Uganda Develops Community.

ISSB Classroom Project

ISSB Classroom or young learners do not get wet when it rains. In April 2022 a rural school was wiped out by a storm. Community engagement, learners, cross-age, youth-adult-professional collaboration to learn how to use ISSB technology to build a classroom at a rural school in Mukono, Uganda.

Complete a new classroom for a rural school during July 2023.

Community Cleanup

YTB members participating in weekly community cleanup to improve waste management practices in rural community.

Involve YTB youth in a partnership to take charge of sanitation in their community.

Community Crochet

Community engagement, learners, cross-age, youth-adult-educators collaboration to develop crochet skills in Mukono, Uganda. Adult trainers coach youth leaders who mentor younger learners. Prospect to sell crochet items to earn a sustainable income to cover costs of crochet supplies, scholastic materials for learners, and YTB T shirts.

Involve youth in YTB Community Crochet to develop crochet skills so that the items they make can be sold to provide ongoing income for crochet supplies, scholastic materials, and YTB shirts while providing youth with an opportunity for skill development and cross-age coaching experience.


Kasoma Paul

Communications Executive at Youths in Technology and Development Uganda (YITDEV)


Robert Kibaya

Head of Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization (KIRUCODO)


Stephen Kalyesubula

Strategic Information Systems Officer at University Research Co., LLC (URC) & Center for Human Services (CHS)


The Team

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