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Tampa, USA

YTB Tampa connects with Africa via crochet

YTB Tampa has a closes association with families who are members of RAMWI - Refugee & Migrant Women's Initiative. We also draw on expertise from members of Tampa Bay Timebank!

Tampa Project 2

Description of #2 Project

Support youth with an experience of being a refugee in the US with opportunities to give and receive as they grow and develop.

Traveling Crochet

Community engagement, learners, cross-age, youth-adult-educators collaboration to develop skills. Adult trainers coach youth leaders who mentor younger learners. 

We are leading the YTB US Team in contributing yarn squares made by crocheting or knitting to make a wall hanging in the first ISSB Classroom in Mukono, Uganda!


Robert McGinnis

Technology Support


Rita Cobbs

Tampa Coordinator


Jerome Scriptunas

Head of YTB Global

The Team

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